Designed to ignite your infinite potential, this course provides a comprehensive introduction into mental skill and mindset training. Learn how to explore and train psychological skills such as awareness, confidence, focus, and developing a compelling vision. 

Includes >20 hours of video, assessment tools and a multitude of other resources designed specifically to help you discover your ultimate self. These are the very same strategies being used by elite athletes, the military, Fortune 500 companies and beyond. 

This course has been broken down into two distinct parts. The first part is a FREE TRIAL-BASED section that introduces you to the what's, whys and hows of mental skills training, potential benefits, while providing a crash course into the skills of "Awareness" and "Vision". 

This is followed by an extensive training regiment that unpacks the skills of "Focus", "Confidence" and "Activation Control", which provides lessons on how to maximize and/or minimize your energy output through energization and relaxation techniques.

Whether you're an athlete, a student, soldier, parent, artist, entrepreneur, or anything in between, honing the ability to enhance your mental landscape can be the ultimate difference maker. If you're looking to explore what it means to be the best version of yourself, look no further, jump into the course and meet Coach Tom today! 


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What's included in the course?

9 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Survey
4 Texts
2 PDFs
Thomas Gemignani
Thomas Gemignani
Instructor Title

Tom is an athlete, coach, student, mental skills trainer and high performance consultant. Tom's focus is to create an innovative environment where performers of any craft can explore, develop, better understand, and control their psychological skillset and mind. Tom strives to assist in the development of abilities such as unshakable confidence, sustainable motivation, mindful awareness, and a multitude of others to push the scope of your innate talents. His passion and drive for knowledge have cultivated a vast network of high performing individuals - everywhere from the world stage in sport, to high stakes business endeavors , to the performing arts and beyond.

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